rotting flesh flower

Amorphophallus titanumThere was one of these at the national arboretum a year or two ago.   There were huge lines to get in to see it.   I’ve always wanted to experience one, but still haven’t.   I do think I can pass on planting one in my yard, though.

An Amorphophallus titanum, known locally as a ‘carcass flower’, blossoms at the Cibodas Botanical Garden in Bogor, West Java, Indonesia, Sunday, March, 14, 2004. The rare flower, which smells like rotting flesh, has set a new height record for the species, officials said Saturday. Officials at the garden on the southern outskirts of the capital Jakarta claimed this particualr flower reached a height of 9.5 feet, a new record as the tallest Amorphopallus titanum. (AP Photo/Achmad Ibrahim)