SXSW Tuesday: The Lull

I have no patience with the incurious.  What can they learn about life and what can anyone know without learning. -Sylvester Milner in The House of a Thousand Lanterns, by Victoria Holt, 1974

Though I took a long rest, I was still feeling beat down, the remnants from a brief cold.  I’ve heard from others it can linger for weeks.  Not having done much fore-scouting for the music portion of SXSW, I thought I’d head to Waterloo Records and start from there.

Meanwhile, the people I knew that were here for SXSWi were catching their last lectures and mostly heading out of town.

It’s been two years since I’ve been to Waterloo and the neighboring ice house is no longer.  In its place is the 24 Diner.  I sat down and had a Dr Pepper to sooth the throat.  I was also offered a taste of the Avery Hog Heaven.  It was a very hoppy barley wine, and if I was feeling well it would have complemented my meal excellently.

I had a stuffed chard on a bed of wheat berries.  After having 4 slices of bacon with breakfast, the vegetarian option sounded good.  And it was.

I stopped by Waterloo.  It was a sedate shadow of what it will be over the next few days with a different band playing in-store every hour (including Cheap Trick Wednesday at 6!).  There were no copies of the weekly Austin Chronicle, and no dailies starting until Wednesday.

I briefly tried to catch up with Bill C. again, but he hopped out of town, exhausted after his daily lectures following minimal sleep.  Will killing time at The Ginger Man, trying two beers (Independence Oatmeal Stout was a delicious desert for my lunch), I pulled a book off the shelf (quoted above).  I read it there and have been continuing it.  Hopefully I can finish and re-shelve it before I leave town.

I headed back to my crash pad and got in some extra rest knowing I’ll need it over the next few days.

SXSW Monday: Wetly Interactive

I did not check the weather before I left Houston, so now on Tuesday morning I’m tossing my only pair of jeans into the washing machine.

I don’t have a jacket or any rain gear with me either.  It will be a bit nippy tonight, and raining all day.

Yesterday, after I got settled into my cousin’s place, and did some grocery shopping, I headed into town.  I parked across MOPAC from Zilker Park and rode my bicycle into town.  It was a nice day for it, and gave me a chance to get used to some of the routes that might be useful later in the week.

I locked up the bike, almost left my pannier, but thought better of it, and found some lunch.  Darwin’s Pub had a nice Chicken Shawarma, though their beer selection was minimal.  Around 4pm, I headed over to Buffalo Billiards (even thinner, though larger, selection).  There was an informal iPhone Developers Meet-up.  It ended up having about a dozen people, about half had done development work.  So, I spent some time chatting and getting to know some people, mostly from Texas, though the organizer was from the UK.

One who I met was Jacqueline, and happened to attend the same high school as I did.  This happens more often than you might think.

After that I headed to the west side for a Houston organized party (Houstonians got free drink tickets, and a friend bought me another).  I saw quite a few Houston friends.  JR was camped out with a video camera.  (Ex Houston) Mayor Bill White showed up and had a brief chat.  He’s running for Governor.  I wish he was still our mayor, and will definitely vote for him for Governor.

Jacqueline had checked in on another party and then stopped by the Houston one.  We chatted for a while and suggested we try the FourSquare party.

FourSquare, Twitter, Gowalla, and (to a less extent) FaceBook are ALL OVER the SXSWi part of the conference.  So much that there are lots of anti-SXSW whiners on-line and #fakesxsw humor from the non-attendees.

We swang by the FourSquare and it had a line out the front, we tried out the BeerCamp at Emo’s.  Their Beer Pong tournament was over but free beer was still available for the waiting in line.  The rain started, we chatted under a tent with some young strangers (Austinites schooling in Lubbock, off for the spring break).

My iPod had died by this point, and I totally missed hooking up with my good friend Bill C.  I totally should have borrowed a phone and called (sorry Bill!).  Jacqueline suggested we try out Beauty Bar (a new one, I was unfamiliar with) as the rain continued.  I stayed there for a while, but decided I needed to get back to my car and/or bike, so I left her to stay out for the rest of the night (and I think she did).

I started walking to find a cab, to get to my car.  I was planning on abandoning my well locked bike.  But I got all the way to the bike and after consulting with the pedi-cab drivers decided that that I needed to come back and retrieve the bike.  Then I decided that I was already soaking wet and warm from the walk, so decided to ride to the car.  I got home about 12:30, had to strip clean to get dry and warm.

I was of course soaked to the bone and a bit muddy from the ride.  Thus the need to wash and dry my only pair of pants this morning.  Sounds like they’re ready for the dryer.

AirPort Utility Bypass for Bit Torrent

I was recently reminded that because I was so busy this year and didn’t make it to SXSW, that I had forgotten about the SXSW Bit Torrent.  I went looking and it didn’t take long to find that some had indeed put one together for 2009.

I was quickly reminded that the AirPort Extreme Base Station by default protects me from the wilds of the Internet and to get the torrent running you have to bypass the ports and directly map them to your inside computer.

I found an old write-up to tell me how to do it, but it’s very out of date. I figured it out from there, but anyone who’s non-technical likely couldn’t.

I’m not going to take the time right now to explain the details again.  But you should be able to follow his text and my screen shots to get the gritty work done and allow you to bypass your default firewall with the current 5.4.1 Airport Utility.

A few days from now I’ll have more music than I need and it will likely take me months to sift through it all.  But I do have a new, big media drive just waiting.

So, here are the screen shots, if you have any questions, let me know! Continue reading AirPort Utility Bypass for Bit Torrent

SXSW Thu Night

SXSW day 2.


We missed a band last night called Dressy Bessy, they seemed good, so we went to check them out at Waterloo Records in-store. It was decent, but something missing. Very cute red-haired chick singer, gigantic guitar player. Perhaps because they didn’t have much room in the record store, but they didn’t seem to have much excitement.

Michelle and I stepped next door for some lunch. I had the chicken fried stake, and I have to say it was the worst chicken friend steak i’ve had in i-can’t-remember-how-long. There’s musicians coming from all over the world to the music store, I sure hope they’re not eating there and judging it.

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