iPod Number 4

I bought another iPod recently. An 8GB iPod Touch. It’s my fourth.

Here’s the rundown of the iPods:

  1. 20GB 4th Generation Classic iPod Color (model# PA079LL, serial# JQ5263A7TDU) – I lost it at some point several years ago and was so jonesing to have an iPod I bought on eBay a….
  2. 2GB 1st Generation iPod Nano – it served me well, but I traded it to TG who needed an older iPod to give to someone with an older Mac, and she gave me a…
  3. 8GB 3rd Generation iPod Nano (model# PA980LL, serial# 7J736XLSY0R) – This tiny fabulous iPod handles video and has an amazing screen. I use it daily in my commute for podcasts and watch video at lunch time at work. But, I’ve been wanting to program with the new iPod SDK, which requires and iPhone or an…
  4. 8GB 1st Generation iPod Touch (model# MA623LL, serial# 9C8012GU14N) – which I just received on tuesday. There is bound to be a new version comin out in June, but I just couldn’t wait. These are listing for $300, but I managed a used one on eBay for $188.50 – I may resell it if newer ones do come out.