Bionic Blogging

Been a while since I’ve posted.  Not that I haven’t had things I want to write about, I’ve just been allocating my sparse time elsewhere.

There have been articles about blogging being dead.  Baah.  There have been articles about Twitter’s short attention span pushing into blogging’s space.  Perhaps some truth there.

As I was driving home today, the evening commute that takes twice as long as the morning one, it struck me that blogging may get an uptick in the future.  I think that voice recognition may lead to more “writing” on blogs.  I certainly have plenty of time in my car during the commute.  And ideas often come to me while driving.

The ubiquity of audio note taking on cell phones and mp3 “players” (hopefully soon for me, the second generation iPod Touch) will help people to take down their thoughts.  Voice recognition is becoming more common (Google’s iPhone app for searches).  Whether it’s available on the device itself or your home computer, it will be available soon.

I can image a Google Transcribe application that takes the whole recording on your phone.  Sends it instantly or later to the Google farm and delivers the text to you via email or back to the mobile/desktop application.  You wouldn’t need any local ability to transcribe.  (And Google could start indexing your thoughts.)

Until then, I’ll try to write more.  (I really write mostly for myself.)  And when the pocket transcriber gets here, I’ll try not to write too much.