Nickels and Dimes, 2009

I was reminded reading Greg’s post of the hallowed tradition amongst the board gamers to document the games they’ve played 5 or 10 times in the previous years.  Many of the games we play can be from 2-3 hours in length, and there are so many available, that getting in repeat plays can often be difficult.

So, which games did I play most in 2009?  Not surprising that the list falls to shorter games.

Three games were played more than 10 times: Dominion (15), Tichu (15), and Hive (12).  Dominion is a relatively quick game (30-45 mins), and I’ve introduced it to many people this year.  Tichu is a partnership, trick-taking card game that I’ve taken to this year.  There are certainly many partial plays of it that I did not keep track of.  Pictured here, we are passing some time in Marfa at Padres playing. (Photo: Jay Lee)

There are also certainly many Hive plays I did not record; I’ve taught it to several people at our weekly neighborhood gatherings at Onion Creek Cafe.

Falling into the Nickel category are Glory to Rome (8), Carcassonne (6), Dominion: Intrigue (5), and Monopoly Deal (5).  In this group, Carcassonne is likely the only one under documented.  It’s a game that I always enjoy and is quite flexible.

I don’t own a copy of Glory to Rome, and most of those plays were consecutive at a marathon session a year ago at Lone Star Game Fest.  Dominion: Intrigue is an spin-off of the ever popular Dominion.  Monopoly Deal is a simple set collection card game very nicely Monopoly themed; it’s more fun with more people.