June 17 Chicago

I was sleeping with the windows open and at 5:30a a neighbor’s cell phone went off, about 20 times, consecutively. Apparently someone who punches elevator buttons to speed them up had obtained a phone and was furiously punching buttons.

I reracked and awoke at 9:30a, showered and packed to leave town. I worked for a little while before John and I headed to Wrigley around noon, Marsha to join us shortly after the 1:30p game time.

John and I walked about for a few Wrigleyville photos and went inside early enough to get our free Wrigley pins and see some batting practice. Seats: 509, 6, 102-104

The game left Marsha slightly annoyed by the variety of White Sox fans in our area that were less than gracious winners. Cubs 1 – 4 Sox.

From there we headed to their favorite Mexican place, which was amazingly unbusy for the reasonably short walk we made from the game. After a taco salad and some margaritas, we stopped once more at Joe’s.

After one drink there we headed home and John walked me over to Lakeshore drive. That was the first time on my cloistered visit I realized we were only two blocks from the lake.

John put me in a cab to Union Station via lower Wacker (I’ll have to rewatch the Blues Brothers when I get home) and I was soon downtown again for less than $20.

The lobby for the train was half blocked off “in the interest of security”. There were several other questionable security rules.

By 8:00p The City of New Orleans train was making its way out of Chicago.

I spent some time in the lounge car, which was combined with the dinner car instead of being two different and larger cars. I chatted with a variety of interesting folk until about 10:00p when I turned in.

June 16 Chicago

I slept till almost 9:00a and woke to join Marsha who works at home. I was treated to Dr Pepper on ice (otherwise known as the breakfast of champions) and a variety of Entenmen’s Classic Doughnuts.

I spent the morning catching up from being offline for three days and somehow not having the right OS on my iPod Touch. It’s good to note that I reinstalled, recovered from backup, and all the writing I had done with the WordPress application was still intact.

I also watched the first 20 minutes of the Keynote speech I had missed while in line to get in last week.

Marsha made me a nice salad for lunch while I was having a teleconference with the FlipSide5 crew. The rain I had been draging about the country with me had caught up with Chicago and I stayed in the rest of the afternoon working.

John got home from his commute with a new umbrella and we stayed in for the night. We ordered delivery Chinese/sushi and just spent the evening hanging out at their place.

June 15 Chicago

John K met me at the station. It was quite busy with commuter traffic. We walked a few blocks, salmon like against the afternoon commuters to get to the Brown Line, took it around the loop and met up with the Red Line which we went a little north to the Addison stop near Wrigley Field.

From there it was a moderate walk to John and Marsha’s place. I took a well deserved and needed shower after 3 days on a train, and we went out to dinner at Goose Island Brewery near the ballpark. The quietness in the neighborhood belied what the following night was going to be: the only night game of a three game interleague series between two Chicago teams, the White Sox and the Cubs.

We had tickets for the second game which was in the afternoon, and would be slighty more tame… we hoped.

After dinner we went by Chicago’s Gingerman which was in no way like and is not related to the Houston original or its cousins. One beer was enough to convince me of that, and then we went to Marsh and John’s local: Joe’s.

It was a small dive and we hung with the locals till almost midnight. I had to sample the Hamm’s and the Blatz to complete the regional experience.

A nice walk home to a very welcome air mattress and I was out like a light.