Kill the 2WIRE – Renaming your U-verse Router

AT&T U-verse modems all come pre-installed with default names (2WIRE123) and default passwords (10 digits).  That is boring, and not easy to remember.  Picking your router from all your sheep neighbors can be difficult if your urban density is high, and the 10 digits are not the ones you need.

If you connect your computer to the modem directly with an ethernet cable, you can manipulate these things.  There is a default IP address for ALL routers.  If they’ve politely implemented it, you can access it at – though there are other addresses used by different manufacturers.  The U-verse modems have a quite nice interface to manipulate the settings. (I’ve recently found that might get caught by the modem as well.)

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Flickr Pro Account

Flickr Logo
Flickr Logo
In December I got an email that said my “Flickr Pro Account is about to expire”. It has been a while since I paid to upgrade my account, so I wasn’t surprised. Then it told me “Beginning January 2009, AT&T Internet members will no longer receive free Flickr Pro.”

Um, I was getting free Flickr Pro from AT&T? When did that happen?

Anyway, it will be expiring on November 8, 2009. I guess we’re redefining “about to”. I also guess that right after I paid for the Pro account I somehow got a free pro account?

Anyway, I fully expect to get another email 10 months from now reminding me that it’s actually about to expire.