Songs About Travel

“Leaving on a jet plane.  Don’t know when I’ll be back again.”

“I took a trip on a Gimini space craft, and I thought about you.”

padresWell, I’m not leaving on a plane or a space craft, but instead on a rail-guided transportation vehicle. But I will be thinking about you.  My 31-day Amtrak adventure begins tonight.  Tomorrow I will receive a personal transport from Alpine to Marfa and this weekend will enjoy the Grand Opening of Padre’s Marfa.  Bringing frequent live music, into-the-evening dining, and a honky-tonk/dance hall to the Trans Pecos.  All in the body of a repurposed funeral home.

I was out there in September and the roof and the floor were both still works in progress. It’ll be nice to see.

Oh, and name the above artists.

Amtrak Booking

John D Was my roommate in Webster in the early 90s and the first resident of my house in the Houston Heights (I was living out of town when I bought it.)

He now resides in the San Francisco area and has tempted me with the Maker Faire to bypass Los Angeles.

I called up Amtrak to finalize the California part of my trip. Unfortunately the 5 minutes of connection time between the Sunset Limited and the Coast Starlight is not feasible. So without enough time to go south and visit another friend, I plan to make a day of it in central Los Angeles. Currently my plans include checking out Japan Town and perhaps a beer bar or two.

It ended up that all my previous bookings had been canceled because they were set to have the tickets picked up over a week ago. But it was no problem, they were all on file and have been rebooked.

I have also connected with Dmitri, a previous co-worker who is now at Google. He and I had a very intense software design relationship and it will be great to see him again. He’s gonna show me around the Google campus: should be fun.

Tentative Itinerary

If you haven’t noticed me mention it yet, I am planning a 31 day Amtrak trip from Houston, mostly to the west.  Two key points on the schedule are Padre’s Grand Opening over Memorial Weekend in Marfa, and Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco.

So, here’s the rough timeline.  Some of the pre-WWDC San Francisco and Reno parts aren’t exactly timed out yet.  I have purchased the 30-day pass, and booked most of the legs of the trip.

Houston: The train only comes through Houston three times a week, so I’m leaving Wednesday night; Continue reading Tentative Itinerary


I’m currently planning a 31 day Amtrak trip to WWDC and back. In a circuitous fashion. I’m going to test out when I take my trip. From the little work I’ve done with it so far, the only benefit it has over WordPress is its location awareness. It’s much harder to edit.

I’ll likely cross-post to both it and this location. But if you want to check it out, click the link above.