pre SXSW: Bob Log III

So, after attending a friend’s b-day party, I stopped by my regular haunt. Ran into a few people, one asked if I read the story in the Press, I hadn’t. He mentioned “breast” and “scotch”, I didn’t pay much attention. After one I decided to head home and past Rudyard’s, there seemed to be quite a crowd, so I stopped.

I ordered the new seasonal, St. Arnold Bock, a very excellent beer. Talked with a few people at the bar, including coincidentally, the guy i’d spoken with at the last bar. Ascertained the cover to get up stairs, and headed there.

I was only there in time to see the last band, 12:30 or some such. I was under the impression that the bands that night were an SXSW overflow, but after checking it out it seems he’ll be in FLA next week. It was excellent, none the less.

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Bush to Middle East: quiet abandonment

This was a small article on the Bush administration abandoning a promise to push forward the Peace Process in Israel/Palestine. With all the other Iraq stirrings, this tidbit will fly under the radar. Unfortunately, I think it will come back to haunt us.

Israel, North Korea,… it’s much easier to ignore the sticky problems. We’ve got Saddam, we’ll deal with that, because we think we can solve it.

March 9, 2003, 10:31AM
Bush refuses to offer plan for Mideast

New York Times

In a sharp rebuff to European allies, Russia and the United Nations, the Bush administration has decided not to put forth a plan for a peace settlement between Israel and the Palestinians until after the crisis in Iraq is resolved, administration officials say.

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no peace in Houston

If you didn’t notice, a few weeks ago the Houston city council finally debated and voted on two propositions opposing a war in Iraq unless certain conditions occur.

Unfortunately the city council, like many other current politicians (the governor re: the budget), failed to show real leadership.

Here’s a Houston Chronicle article, and a letter of mine they printed in response, then a later ed/op by two California authors.

Feb. 26, 2003, 11:20PM
Houston council rejects two antiwar resolutions
Members argue over role in foreign policy

Copyright 2003 Houston Chronicle

Houston City Council rejected two resolutions Wednesday opposing a U.S. attack on Iraq before U.N. weapons inspectors get more time to finish their work.

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let sleeping dogs lie

if you were wondering, the current picture i’m using is of my dog, Porter. he’s a retired greyhound, 8 years old currently, and a total couch potato.

he mostly sleeps on the couch all day, or is jumping in your face when you arrive, he’s white with ticking and has a fawn brindle patch on his face,

there’s some more pics of him at
if you’re interested

hello world

it should be interesting to see where this experiment goes. right now, i’m just trying to populate the emptiness of the page so that i can see what various styles look like.

i expect this to be an opinions page.  Bill’s Ed/Op if you will, or perhaps my digest of the news of various sorts.  but i also expect to put some personal items on here: things of particular note, where i’m traveling to, or what the dog’s doing right now,