X Files: One Breath (s2 e8)

Summary: Scully reappears … in a coma in Georgetown. (Gillian Anderson still a bit bloated from recently giving birth). The Lone Gunmen read the medical charts with a grim diagnosis. Mr. X warns Mulder to quit looking for the truth. Skinner tells CSM not to smoke in his office. Mulder confronts CSM, but gets nothing.

Location: Washington, D. C.

While at the Lone Gunmen’s office: “you’re welcome to come over Saturday. We’re all hopping on the Internet to nitpick the scientific inaccuracies of Earth 2

X Files: Ascension (s2 e6)

Summary: Part 2, Scully is abducted by Duane Berry after they remove and inspect suspicious metal fragments from his body. Scully is subsequently abducted by aliens and/or the government. (a plot line necessitated by Gillian Anderson’s pregnancy) Mulder becomes suspicious of Krycek who disappears. Skinner reopens X Files.

Location: Washington, D.C.; Rixeyville, Virginia; Warrenton, Virginia

X Files: Little Green Men (s2 e1)

Summary: Mulder and Scully have been reassigned to non X File work. Mulder gets a tip from a supportive congressman about alien activity at an Aricebo observatory and travels to Puerto Rico incognito. Scully follows. There is a lot of suspicious surveillance and paranoia going around.

Location: Aricebo, Puerto Rico

X Files: The Erlenmeyer Flask (s1 e 24)

Summary: Episode starts with suspect fleeing police bleeding green then Mulder getting a call from Deep Throat. Deep Throat tips Mulder to government-run alien-human hybrid research. Season ends with Deep Throat being shot and uttering “Trust No One”, Mulder calling Scully in the middle of the night: “They’re shutting us down”, Cigarette Smoking Man storing alien sample in large Pentagon storage room.

Location: Baltimore, Maryland. Gaithersburg, Maryland. Washington, DC.

Mentions of the Human Genome Project and gene therapy as cutting edge work.

X Files: Tooms (s1 e21)

Summary: The return of Eugene Victor Tooms from episode 3.  Still creepy and slimy. The first appearance of FBI Assistant Director Walter Skinner, and with Cigarette Smoking Man blatantly overseeing the meeting with Scully, informing her that her work on the X Files isn’t up to expectations. Mulder presents crazy sounding evidence at Tooms’ parole hearing, and we’re off …

Location: Baltimore, Maryland

X Files: Pilot (s1 e1)

Summary: “THE FOLLOWING STORY IS INSPIRED BY ACTUAL DOCUMENTED ACCOUNTS.”  The show hits the ground running starting with an alien abduction and Scully being asked to “assist” Mulder while the Cigarette Smoking Man lurks in the room. From today’s perspective the show feels very 80s, from the clothing to the music.

Location: Coastal Northwest Oregon

Guest Actors: Stephen E. Miller (Millennium and a 100 other bit parts)

The Billy Miles (an alien abductee) will appear in several more episodes throughout the series.

Episode ends with CSM filing only piece of evidence from the case in a large vault in the Pentagon.