X Files: End Games (s2 e17)

Summary: Great story continuance of a 2-parter. Scully taken hostage, traded for Mulder’s sister, who dies in a river. Then Mulder stumbles into the female clones who all look like the one claiming to be his sister. Mulder heads to the Beaufort Sea without telling Scully. Skinner sticks his neck out for Mulder again, while he finds the submarine in the ice. Scully arrives to help in the ER that the previous episode began on.

Location: Beaufort Sea; Germantown, Maryland; Bethesda, Maryland; Rockville, Maryland

“I’m your sister, Fox, you have to trust me.”

X Files: Colony (s2 e16)

Summary: Unconscious and narrating, Mulder starts the episode in hypothermia and sure of extraterrestrial presence. A bunch of identical green-blooded guys being killed off by another green-blooded guy. Then, bam! The return of Samantha Mulder. Raised by one of the alien duplicates. Episode cliff-hangs with Scully staring at DoppelMülder.

Location: Beaufort Sea, Arctic Circle; Scranton, Pennsylvania; Binghamton, New York; Syracuse, New York; West Tisbury, Massachusetts; Tileston, Virginia

Guest Actors: Brian Thompson shows up in 9 episodes as the Alien Bounty Hunter.

David Duchovny gets a writing co-credit on this one.

X Files: Fresh Bones (s2 e15)

Summary: Spooky voodoo doings at an INS camp full of Haitians being guarded by marines.

Location: Folkstone, North Carolina

Guest Actor: Roger R. Cross (appears in 4 episodes over 4 seasons as 4 characters, 24, lots of other sci-fi movies and tv shows)

Once again shot in very low lighting, reinforcing the fact that this should be watched at night in a dark room.

X Files: Die Hand Die Verletzt (s2 e14)

Summary: “the hand that wounds” Satanism in small town America. Mutilated victims. Molested children. Satanist who have sone soft. Black magic. A spooky basement being searched in the dark.

Location: Milford Haven, New Hampshire

Guest Actors: Dan Butler (Fraser)

Just as Scully was explaining to Mulder that there was nothing that appeared odd about the case, toads fell from the sky.

X Files: Irresistible (s2 e13)

Summary: Mulder and Scully investigate some odd body mutilations. Scully behaves oddly to the crime scenes, not being able to deal with the gore – odd for a pathologist. She then gets abducted and hallucinates from the paralyzing fear.

Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Guest Actor: Bruce Weitz (General Hospital); Nick Chinlund

“You’re saying some human’s been doing this.” – local agent thinking it was alien like activity
“If you want to call ’em that.” -Mulder