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Monster of the Week

Cel of Monster of the WeekI’m sure you’ve noticed that my X Files viewing note-taking has been spamming my own blog and rss feed recently.  If you missed the start, I’m re-watching the whole series on Hulu commercial free.

David Herrold recently brought to my attention someone who’s doing a similar thing, but much better.  Shaenon K. Garrity has a weekly comic review of an episode.  She’s 11 episodes in and it’s titled Monster of the Week.

Shaenon noted (or someone in the comments to Season 1 Episode 11 did) that this will take her 4 years to complete.  It’s definitely got a new place in my RSS reader!

Embeds – WordPress 3.4

I noticed that the new WordPress update automatically creates embedded content for several sites.  It actually started in 2.9, but Twitter was added with this version.  All you have to do is include the link by itself on a line.

Bill Coin

It will make it much easier to steal Jay Lee’s content.  (Actually, i’m sure it links back to the original, which is all he wishes for in a non-commercial setting.)

Also, you can include hyperbolic tweets and make fun of them while nicely formatted: