How popular are you?

Or more specifically, how common is your name?.

People often say to me about the last name Shirley, “boy, that’s not a very common name, is it?”.

I often say, “no, actually it’s fairly common, what’s your last name?” And theirs is often less common. Sure, Smith and Jones, and even Nguyen are more common, but there’s barely 1000 names in the US more common than Shirley, and only 43% of the population have those names, so there are more people with less common names than me, than with more common names.

last name      %      cum %     rank
SMITH          1.006  1.006      1
JOHNSON        0.810  1.816      2
WILLIAMS       0.699  2.515      3
JONES          0.621  3.136      4
BROWN          0.621  3.757      5
DAVIS          0.480  4.237      6
MILLER         0.424  4.660      7
WILSON         0.339  5.000      8
MOORE          0.312  5.312      9
TAYLOR         0.311  5.623     10

    % - percentage of the population with that name
cum % - total of all names above this and this, added


I got a wild hair to cook lasagna on sunday, so I rifled around for several recipes and kinda made a hodge podge of them.

It had the stereotypical problem of looseness that is frequent for lasagnas, but was tasty. After overnight in the fridge, and reheated for lunch, it was even tastier.

Pureed tomato, tomato, fresh basil, fresh spinach, extra firm tofu fried, a soy faux ground meat, tomato sauce, onions, garlic, parmesan cheese, mozzarella cheese, cottage cheese…