Day 23: DSL Returns

I finally have Internet back at the house. Took me over an hour and a half with tech support – solved in 10 minutes of course once I got to talk to Cal in Second Level Support. I explained what I thought the problem was to him, he said “you’re right”, and told me the super secret hoops to jump through to fix the problem. I’d bet $20 my old DSL modem is fine, as well.

I’m exhausted from working 15 hour days supporting 20 roller derby bouts for the WFTDA Regional Championships – following each day with many hours of after party. But I managed to stream most of the games live to the Internet with a webcam and now have 100 new best friends that I’ve never met.

Hopefully I can now decompress and get to bed early.

Day 12: Commute Slow

slow going

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Twelve Days and no real advance visible in the neighborhood. The city is 75% restored per Center Point.

Quote of the Day (indirectly overhear via groovehouse):

“The lady from Reliant Energy told me that people didn’t have electricity 100 yrs ago!” – now THAT’S customer service!

The graph at right shows that the speeds on the West Loop have been below average. I suspect the total wreck of the surface streets is driving more people onto the freeways. I’d guess that half of the intersections in town are non-functional.