The Drugs I’m On

I’m still suffering some lingering effects of a virus that seemed itself to only last for a few days, though it’s been nine since they symptoms first started. These are the drugs I’m on:

the anti-flegm active ingredient in Mucinex – C10H14O4

guaifenesin chemical structure

everyone’s favorite sign-your-name-here the-government-is-watching behind-the-counter methamphetamine precursor – C10H15NO Continue reading The Drugs I’m On

New Stuff: Geologic

GeoVideo-art-300.jpgStumbling upon new stuff can be quite enjoying. After hearing an interview with George Hrab on a podcast, I knew I had to check out his podcast and music.

I finally checked it out a few days after he released a quick-and-dirty video for a fabulous song: Out of My Mind.

The music really reminds me of Thomas Dolby. Perhaps his shaven head doesn’t hurt that impression. But the thoughtfulness and the clean production quality moreso points that direction.

I’m sure I’ll come to enjoy the podcast in my regular rotation, and may have a few iTunes album purchases in my future.

Geologic Promo MP3

Beelzebufo – the Devil Frog

beelzebufo.jpgDescribed in an article this week, the Beelzebufo, or Devil Frog is the largest currently known frog to have existed.

It totally makes me want to support the reanimation of extinct creatures from DNA. I want a frog from hell as a pet!

They were predatory. He could live under my house and eat the neighborhood rats.

It also wins for best scientific name of the week.