Mallard Fillmore

Dear Diary,
Today, er… i mean Wednesday,… Mallard Fillmore actually hinted that President George W. Bush is perhaps something less than an entirely capable first executive. I would have gone outside to see if the world had stopped spinning about its axis, but Bruce Tinsley was unable to pull the trigger without making it a joke about Democratic fiscal irresponsibility.

Mallard Filmore Feb 25 2004
As if W wasn’t the most fiscally irresponsible president we’ve ever had. At least when Democrats are spending more (on social services), they’re also raising taxes.

Up may be down, but the world is still spinning.


Bill White’s victory party

a week ago saturday (election day), there was a small snippit about it in today’s City & State section (full story)

But in a nod to his name and his race — thought to be a liability before he managed to win supporters from Houston’s three main ethnic groups — the campaign cranked up an unlikely song: Wild Cherry’s Play That Funky Music (White Boy).

Andrea Greer was a coordinator of the gathering and lobbied against using this song (I agree with her), but she was outvoted.

The Dec. 6 gala had all the makings of the party of the year. The crowd wore everything from dashikis to feather boas, business suits to baseball caps. The unifying elements were the Bill White-heads — paper hats, of sorts, that mocked White’s bald head.Music was provided by the hip local lounge band The El Orbits, who eschewed the White-heads in favor of Santa hats.


Voting: Do It, and Vote NO

We (in Texas) have an off-cycle election Saturday.

22 Texas Constitutional amendments.

My Theory on Amendments. Vote NO.  Unless you’ve heard a lot of reasoned debate of the issue and agree to the yes vote, vote NO.  The Texas constitution is ridiculous. Why else would be be voting on 22 issues (only three you’ve likely heard of IF you’ve been paying attention).

This time particularly, vote NO on 12.  It’s horribly worded and will do ill if passed. The only others I’ve heard discussed were 6 and 16, and they couldn’t reasonably explain what they mean.   (They are both about reverse mortgages, which are already legal in Texas, but they “add something special”) The discussion I heard about them was unintelligible (and I’m a smart guy).   So, vote NO.

If you haven’t figured my opinion yet,

Vote NO

(and then get on with your saturday)

Bush Admin – Simplistic Points

On Bush’s press conference yesterday, his 9th (his father had 61 up to this point), a New York Times Editorial said

“The president and his advisers obviously still believe that the constant repetition of several simplistic points will hypnotize the American people into forgetting the original question.”



George Will gone wacky?

What’s up with George Will’s attack on Vermont? There are many issues we need to be addressing and many which aren’t getting air time. He’s usually good about finding those topics and talking about them (even if I don’t often agree with him).

This week on Meet the Press, he just attacked Vermont.

“[Its] most conspicuous industry is ice cream, left-wing ice cream” does he ever define Coors as “right-wing Beer” (because of it’s owner’s politics)?

“We should now think of Vermont not as a state, but as a commune” Berating them for being democratically involved.

George, get back to politics and away from trite, belittling mockery of others! No maple syrup or teddy bears for you, George.


no peace in Houston

If you didn’t notice, a few weeks ago the Houston city council finally debated and voted on two propositions opposing a war in Iraq unless certain conditions occur.

Unfortunately the city council, like many other current politicians (the governor re: the budget), failed to show real leadership.

Here’s a Houston Chronicle article, and a letter of mine they printed in response, then a later ed/op by two California authors.

Feb. 26, 2003, 11:20PM
Houston council rejects two antiwar resolutions
Members argue over role in foreign policy

Copyright 2003 Houston Chronicle

Houston City Council rejected two resolutions Wednesday opposing a U.S. attack on Iraq before U.N. weapons inspectors get more time to finish their work.

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