The Pixies Superabound

I just finished watching the latest episode of Covert Affairs on Hulu (they really should make it available on Apple TV devices – i have to stream it on my computer, redirected to my TV).  Hang Wire.  All the episodes this season have been named after Pixies song titles.  (Previous seasons were Led Zeppelin, R.E.M., and David Bowie.)

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Math Entertainer Answers No. 1

I recently proffered the first quiz from Mr. Heafford’s book.

As I suspected, it scared everyone away. Except for the mathematician that I know reads the blog. He offered up his answers. The 9 of the 20 he answered were all the same answers offered by the author.

Many of the numbers give more of a glimpse of how the world has changed in the last 50 years. Since calculators became widely used in the 60s and 70s, and then computers in the 80s, we rarely “handle” these numbers directly. Number of centimeters in an inch, sure, but the square root of 2? No.

Answers after the jump:

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