Shirl’s Weekend Preview

What are you doing this weekend?

Get out of the house!

Here’s some stuff going on in Houston…

International Festival is downtown on saturday and sunday which means many stages of music and lots of food and other things to entertain. I have found their website lacking, in particular a nice grid breakdown of the music by stage & time. But you’ll likely get one at the door (for your $10, $8 from HEB), and bopping between stages is the point, not overly preplanned listening.

Friday night at the Continental Club is Sugarman 3. If you want to see some NYC Soul/Funk, this is the show. $10

Also Friday night at Last Concert Cafe there is a great Austin band, Grupo Fantasma. I saw their multi-horn array at SXSW and it was a packed, high-energy show that everyone enjoyed. $6 (?)

Music on the bands’ sites if you want to prejudge whether you’ll like it.

(I’ll be at Grupo, Int Fest (Sun, maybe Sat), and the Astros on Sat)

Take me out to the ballgame

Astros vs. Rockies

Ok, I can take myself to the ball game. And did yesterday. On my bike. It was a great day and an afternoon game between the Astros and the Rockies with the roof open. My secondary reason for going was it was magnetic schedule day, and I had to have a magnet (or many).
The ride there is a straight shot down Washington (has a passable bike lane) veers onto Preston (only mildly trafficked, easy to manage) downtown. It’s a little longer but smoother to take Heights Blvd to Washington, but I took Sawyer. It goes through an industrial area and is in very had shape. Not very bike friendly, but with fresh legs i don’t mind it. I tied up to a small city bike rack across Texas Ave from the ball park, and bought my ticket to the cheap seats in sec 432. Someone offered me a ticket in the “dugout” seats (1st – 3rd, lower section), but I sit there all the time, and could sneak a seat there if I wanted to. I wanted to sit up high.

ticket $5

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