The new restaurant Underbelly opened up about the same time (about 6 months ago) as the adjoining beer bar Hay Merchant.  I’ve been to Hay Merchant many times, but haven’t yet managed to make it to Underbelly.

Recently my mother mentioned “the new restaurant at Waugh and Westheimer”, so last night when we went out for my step father’s 70th birthday dinner we decided to eat there.  It was quite yummy.  There was a recent article in the Oxford American about food in Houston that mentioned Underbelly.  We had:

  • Teardrop Tomatoes, Cucumber, Chèvre, and Greens
  • Korean Braised Goat & Dumplings
  • Korean Style Fried Poussin, Green Beans, Sweet Chili Sauce
  • Vinegar Pie, Salt Brittle
  • Creole Cream Cheese Cheesecake (served in a mason jar)
  • Sweet Rice, Compressed Melon, Toasted Rice Ice Cream

It was all delicious, and the space is fabulous.

We didn’t have reservations, though it seems most of the main room did.  Wasn’t a problem on a tuesday, but likely would be on a thurs-sat.

Stanley Cady Lebel: Dead Man

I’ve been doing some genealogy work lately and came upon the details of the death of my great grandfather.  I’d heard he’d been “stabbed” or “shot”, and sometimes it was “in a bar fight” and sometimes it was “about a woman” and Stanley Cady Lebelthat my grandfather was a teenager at the time and quit school to support the family.  Well, about half of that is true.  It was a few weeks after (grandfather) Jesse’s 16th birthday – not sure about the quitting school detail.

I was quite interested at the details they included in the articles, many that would not be today.  And the fact that justice seemed swift back then – though I don’t have an article about the trial.

Five word summary to story: Stabbed in Heart with Icepick.  And if that hooked you in enough, here are the articles I found.

Dallas Morning News – 15 Aug 1923


E. L. Noble Charged with Murder Following Death of Stanley Label

Stabley C. LeBel, 44 years old, 1616 McCoy street, a salesman, was fatally injured when he was stabbed in the heart with an ice pick during an affray at 9:30 o’clock Tuesday morning at Main and Jefferson streets, near the Dallas County courthouse. Dr. W. R. McAdams of the Emergency Hospital, who was called to the scene, found LeBel dead when he arrived. Continue reading Stanley Cady Lebel: Dead Man

Ain’t Gonna Play,… Sun City

My first exposure to the Sun City development north of Austin was via billboards in Austin in the mid 80s. They were really selling it up: lots of billboards.

Of course, at the time, there was a Steven Van Zant protest song of the same name. I recall it protesting some gambling city being run for whites only in an Apartheid environment.

(Ahh, the 80s, the decade of tepid protest songs: “We are the world, we are the children,…” what are we protesting? But, I digress.)

Anyway, I thought it was a quite unfortunate choice of names for this new development, and they still had time to change it. Well, they didn’t. And now it’s active senior haven: Sun City, Georgetown, Texas.

But more specifically, it will soon be my dad and step-mom’s new residence. They’re selling the Big Ol’ House in Canyon Lake, and moving to a reasonable sized, two-person residence in Georgetown.

So, good luck to them in the move and the hecticness of selling and buying a place. And I hope to get over there soon to check it out.

In the Hood

I was out for a bicycle ride in the neighborhood on Saturday. Actually, I was running up to the Credit Union on 19th. It’s always nice to check out what’s going on in the neighborhood.

I went close to Evan and Emily’s place. Just got their birth announcement in the mail, but I decided to not stop by lest they be trying to get some needed sleep.

I rode along some of the under-costruction rail-to-trails bike path along Nicholson. It’s mostly paved from 7th to 19th, the last few blocks haven’t been started. There’s some paint that looks like they may be doing some utility work first. Much of it has been sodded, and there were palettes of more sod along the path.

There was one yard worker parked in the mud that hadn’t been sodded. Big truck, bug trailer. And when I came back, he had left giant ruts in the mud. Moron. I almost said something to him on my way past; I should have.

The cute cottage on 9th and Beverly, that was crushed by a tree during Ike (likely because the McMansion next to it compromised the root structure of the large tree) was demolished and carted off. Likely new construction to begin soon. Expect gaudy.

Good Night o’ ‘Stros

I spent a nice evening watching the Astros with Cary Brock, Jim Henkel, and Tomas Escalante.

We started the evening at Inn at the Ballpark. A nice lobby to rangle a beer in preparation for the game.

A great game – a 2-4 4th inning. That was the final, a grand slam home run.

We had a nice traffic-scatter beer back at the Inn. Good conversation, a few strangers in on the conversation. And I think I sold Danielle and her “husband” on the roller derby in three weeks.

I’ve been listening to the Marfa radio since I got home, but haven’t heard Alderman David’s voice in the last 20 minutes. It’s recording, so perhaps I’ll make it available somewhere.