Good Night o’ ‘Stros

I spent a nice evening watching the Astros with Cary Brock, Jim Henkel, and Tomas Escalante.

We started the evening at Inn at the Ballpark. A nice lobby to rangle a beer in preparation for the game.

A great game – a 2-4 4th inning. That was the final, a grand slam home run.

We had a nice traffic-scatter beer back at the Inn. Good conversation, a few strangers in on the conversation. And I think I sold Danielle and her “husband” on the roller derby in three weeks.

I’ve been listening to the Marfa radio since I got home, but haven’t heard Alderman David’s voice in the last 20 minutes. It’s recording, so perhaps I’ll make it available somewhere.

Oswalt Bulldozer Bobblehead

Oswalt Bulldozer BobbleA friend just called me up with an extra ticket to see the astros. Ends up my favorite pitcher is returning from injury to pitch against Maddox. And they’re giving away bobble head dolls with him in a bulldozer. I don’t know what that’s about, perhaps the promotional sponsor is a construction company.

3pm game, televised on Fox

Go, Roy! (I hate Maddux.)

Maddux struggled in the first and gave up 3.  Roy left the bases loaded with 1 unearned run in the first.  That was all the scoring there was to be.

I was there an hour before the game and at least 30,000 of the sall out crowd was already there.  No bulldozer bobble for me.

Knudsens at Wrigley Field

My friends John and Marsha were at the game and on the television on Sunday.  They only live a few blocks from Wrigley Field, so they attend frequently.  And if the Astros are in town, it can almost be guaranteed.  I was getting ready for the Houston Roller Derby, so I missed them…

Knudsens at Wrigley

Marsha says “Did I mention that we had excellent seats?”

Biggio 3000

So, where where you when Biggio hit 3000? Yeah, I don’t really care, either except that I’m sure his three hits helped in the Astros win. Yah, the Astros win!

Biggio 3000

Mary O called me tonight, and has been planning her whole weekend around when Biggio might hit 3K. She didn’t want to miss it. I know she was at Sam’s Pub tonight, and I’m sure it was on tv there. But now she can get back to planning her weekend!

Me? I was actually watching a third season episode of Millennium. I just checked the web to see if he’d hit any tonight, and lo he had.

Baseball Robbery

I went to the Astros game tonight with Raymond. A buddy of his showed up and joined us with his new fiancé. It was a bit awkward when I already knew her. Anyway…

Bottom of the 8th, down by two, two outs, one on, Berkman comes up.  The Dodgers pull their set up man to let Gagne come in.  He’s got an amazing streak of saves that’s only a few short of a record (and his pitching in the 9th was impressive).  Berkman smacks the ball out of the ball park, almost dead away center.  Problem is, the damn center fielder chases it down.  All the way up Tal’s Hill, glove over the fence.  Inning over.  The place was dead quiet.  It was an amazing catch, kept the game from being tied and possibly saved a record streak alive.  I’m sure they’re running it over and over on ESPN, which I never watch.

People around me were grousing about Tal’s Hill, but I love the hill and think it was a great catch.  Just happened to the wrong guys.  Berkman had several good catches himself tonight.