Here Goes Nothing

Which is to say, here goes quite a bit.

I’m about to try to update my WordPress 2.5 to 2.7. I just did that over on with the click of a button, because I had that boy on SimpleScripts. And that’s nice.  But I haven’t converted this one, yet.  The one thing SimpleScripts doesn’t do is convert an existing installation.  So,…  I’m going to have to fiddle around with lots of things, and let’s hope not too much breaks.  Backing up things now.

What I should do:

  • manually upgrade to 2.7 (many steps in itself)
  • backup the database
  • move the installation out of the way
  • reinstall a 2.7 with simple scripts
  • restore the database
  • copy in the local files that have been added from the old copy

The new backend of WordPress is worth the pain I’m about to suffer.

hello world

it should be interesting to see where this experiment goes. right now, i’m just trying to populate the emptiness of the page so that i can see what various styles look like.

i expect this to be an opinions page.  Bill’s Ed/Op if you will, or perhaps my digest of the news of various sorts.  but i also expect to put some personal items on here: things of particular note, where i’m traveling to, or what the dog’s doing right now,