I am a native Houstonian living in Houston (does that put me in the minority?).  I have also lived in Calgary, Alberta and (old district, aka Virginia) Washington, DC.  I live Inside the Loop (ITL) which, to the uninitiate, is central Houston.  I am a Computer Scientist and have been a NextStep consultant, an expert systems developer, an object expert, a object-oriented design mentor, an infrastructure developer, a lackey, a lifeguard, a grounds keeper, a carpenter, a legal assistant, and a few others things for hire.  I am currently an iOS developer.

Things not for hire that I have been or still am: snow skier, philatelist, (award winning) home brewer, gardener, roller derby volunteer, live music fan, cyclist, wæpenmann, kayaker, art car enthusiast, writer, art facilitator, and podcaster.

This blog began on LiveJournal in March of 2003. Only some of it has been converted to here.  bshirley.livejournal.com.

In May of 2007 I finally changed my hosting over to a server that supported WordPress 2.1 and provided me with the flexibility I was desiring. I have been quasi-manually moving my old LJ posts to this blog, still many haven’t made it.