Bicycling: Heights to Montrose

I frequently cycle between the Heights and Montrose. Often taking the most obvious Heights/Waugh corridor.  The stretch of road from Washington south over Buffalo Bayou, then continuing on Waugh past Dallas to W. Gray is a bit harrowing for some. I don’t have issues with it, and have taken the route both day and night.

But there’s another route I take that’s a bit east of that – closer to town.  Close and parallel to Studewood/Montrose.  It’s a bit less harrowing for those who are timid about Waugh and doesn’t add distance if your endpoints are on the eastern peripheries of these neighborhoods.

map of route
Heights-Montrose Bike Route (click to embiggen)

Going from the North to South, from the Heights, first take the MKT path south past I-10.  Immediately take a right after passing under I-10 on the sidewalk before approaching the Target shopping area.  This will lead you along the sidewalk on the south side of I-10, up to Studemont.

Take a left on the sidewalk at Studemont, past Kroger, under the rail line, on the sidewalk with the handrail.  After passing Center St, cut through the parking lot of Chase bank to the far exit diagonally on the other side.

Cross Washington Ave to Memorial Heights Dr.  Pass lots of apartments.  Veer right back toward the high-rise and take a left on the sidewalk at Studemont. Stay to the left.  Don’t go over the automobile bridge, follow the pedestrian path down till it dead ends and take a left.

Turn right onto the pedestrian/cyclist bridge that crosses Memorial Drive and Buffalo Bayou.  It drops you off at the Tolerance sculptures on Allen Parkway.  I prefer using the U-turn for the Allen Parkway traffic rather than crossing at the light.  After dropping onto the street here, I cross Allen Parkway at the U-turn lane and continue east along Allen Parkway staying to the right.  You can get up onto the bad narrow sidewalk here if you prefer or if there is too much traffic. I prefer the currently poorly paved street.

Continue until you reach Stanford avenue on your right, where the KHOU building is.  Turn right on Stanford.  This is uphill. Time for some leg-excersize.  Pass Dallas, it is unsignalled, watch and wait for a safe time. Then past one more stop sign and to W. Gray and you’re at Cecil’s


This ride was a little over 3 miles, took less than 20 minutes.  You could be getting around town and getting a little exercise, too!

Of course, adjust for your actual final destinations.  Stanford is excellent for cutting North/South near Montrose.

Also, always yield to pedestrians on sidewalks.  I prefer streets to sidewalks, but Studewood/Montrose is generally not a good road to travel on bicycle.