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Locations for Fine Beer in the Houston Area

Circa 1998.

Memories led me to dig this up. It’s a list of establishments that make, sell, or serve good beers in the Houston area.

I maintained this list for fivemap of Texas with Houston highlighted years.  I received lots of emails from locals and travelers because of it’s presence. It even made it into some dead-paper references, including at least once at the Houston Press.

It was initially hosted by, and I left it there after acquiring because initially I didn’t have a web hosting provider, just the domain, and later because moving things about on the internet might get people lost back then.

I should include this review on my résumé:

… Bill Shirley’s labor of love is one of the most useful to foodies. It’s an exhaustive, encyclopedic, thirst-provoking list of Houston’s microbreweries, brewpubs, pubs, bars and even home-brew clubs.

Without further ado, or comment, from the way back machine we have Location for Fine Beer in the Houston Area.