Breakfast Mundanity: Carrot Cake Yogurt

I was up on 19th Street in the Heights on Thursday, stopped in at Replay to see Crazy Mike and Laura and fill out my outfit for Allen Bartell’s upcoming wedding. Afterward I stopped by the Zombie Kroger on 20th. I tend to grocery shop in single-bag increments. I picked up a few things, but I saw something new that I hadn’t before.

A carrot cake flavored yogurt.  Generic Kroger brand = cheap.  CARBmaster = whatever. I much prefer a non-non-fat yogurt, why rob the natural food of its flavor?  But with the carrot cake flavor I had to vice it a try.

It has a very orange color.  It seems unnatural, but it’s likely from carrot juice (or maybe the “caramel color” and “yellow 6” helped), that would quickly stain the yogurt.  The first taste was surprising and good. But … then came the aftertaste.  The telltale aftertaste.  Reading the (lengthy) ingredient list confirmed it: sucralose!

Ick.  I hate all artificial sweeteners and this one always leaves a nasty flavor in my mouth.  So much that the rest of the container was spoiled by it.

Now I have one more left in the refrigerator and I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it.