The new restaurant Underbelly opened up about the same time (about 6 months ago) as the adjoining beer bar Hay Merchant.  I’ve been to Hay Merchant many times, but haven’t yet managed to make it to Underbelly.

Recently my mother mentioned “the new restaurant at Waugh and Westheimer”, so last night when we went out for my step father’s 70th birthday dinner we decided to eat there.  It was quite yummy.  There was a recent article in the Oxford American about food in Houston that mentioned Underbelly.  We had:

  • Teardrop Tomatoes, Cucumber, Chèvre, and Greens
  • Korean Braised Goat & Dumplings
  • Korean Style Fried Poussin, Green Beans, Sweet Chili Sauce
  • Vinegar Pie, Salt Brittle
  • Creole Cream Cheese Cheesecake (served in a mason jar)
  • Sweet Rice, Compressed Melon, Toasted Rice Ice Cream

It was all delicious, and the space is fabulous.

We didn’t have reservations, though it seems most of the main room did.  Wasn’t a problem on a tuesday, but likely would be on a thurs-sat.