X Files: Sleepless (s2 e4)

Summary: Mulder gets tipped off to a suspicious death, and asks Skinner to be assigned to it. This leads to our introduction to Alex Krycek who assists him on the case. Participants in a sleep disorder study are being killed off mysteriously. The first appearance of Mr. X, a replacement for Deep Throat. Some indication that Scully is jealous of Mulder’s new possible partner.

Location: New York City; Stamford, Connecticut

Guest Actor: Nicholas Lea (First appearance as Krycek), Tony Todd (recently CIA Director Graham on Chuck), Jon Gries (Lazlo Hollifeld in Real Genius)

I had forgotten that the X Files had been shut down so early in the run of the series (end of the first season). The show has settled into he characters by the start of this second season. Still fighting to reinstate the X Files 4 episodes into the season (I love that it did not resolve in the first episode.)