X Files: The Host (s2 e2)

Summary: Starts off on a Russian ship with a backed up toilet. What could be more intriguing? When Dmitri goes to unplug it, he gets pulled into the tank. Mulder, performing surveillance, gets pulled off his mundane duty to investigate the corpse now in the New Jersey sewer. Mulder awkwardly charges into Assistant Director Skinner’s office to complain only to barge into a meeting.

Scully forces her way to perform the autopsy while Mulder investigates a city worker being attacked in the sewer. Mulder gets anonymous call “you have a friend at the FBI”.

Fluke Man!

And Skinner seems oddly supportive of the closed down X Files.

Location: Atlantic Ocean (off New Jersey Coast); Newark, New Jersey; Lake Betty Park

Aside: Apple TV had a recent upgrade that allowed access to Hulu+. Of course, AT&T sucks and I had to reboot my modem to get the streaming working to watch this one.