X Files – All Over Again

I signed up for Hulu+ recently. Mostly to get full season access to some shows, and it’s nice to not be on an 8-day delay to watch recent shows.  You can catch up to a show before the next live episode is aired, if you care to do that.

I noticed that all 9 seasons of X Files is available.  I was a fan when they started airing in 1993 but they were on TV on Fridays, and I was 26, single, and living in the suburbs.  I usually drove into town on any given Friday.  I did become a regular watcher eventually.  I was a bigger fan of the spin off Millennium, which only lasted 3 years.  I thought it’d would be fun to go back and watch all the old shows.

Since i’m doing so, i thought I’d write a brief write up on each, with the emphasis on brief.  And also keyword the shows so that if you wanted to see a list of any of the threads you could find them.  You can certainly get all kinds of information about the show on Wikipedia, including episode lists.  It’s a firehose of information.

I will not attempt to hide spoilers, indeed there should be some. It’s an 19 year old show, if you’re still trying to avoid spoilers, you know how to look away.  The titles of each post will give away what episodes I’m talking about.

I always thought it interesting where the various episodes were set, so I will include that information for my own fun.