SXSW Tuesday: The Lull

I have no patience with the incurious.  What can they learn about life and what can anyone know without learning. -Sylvester Milner in The House of a Thousand Lanterns, by Victoria Holt, 1974

Though I took a long rest, I was still feeling beat down, the remnants from a brief cold.  I’ve heard from others it can linger for weeks.  Not having done much fore-scouting for the music portion of SXSW, I thought I’d head to Waterloo Records and start from there.

Meanwhile, the people I knew that were here for SXSWi were catching their last lectures and mostly heading out of town.

It’s been two years since I’ve been to Waterloo and the neighboring ice house is no longer.  In its place is the 24 Diner.  I sat down and had a Dr Pepper to sooth the throat.  I was also offered a taste of the Avery Hog Heaven.  It was a very hoppy barley wine, and if I was feeling well it would have complemented my meal excellently.

I had a stuffed chard on a bed of wheat berries.  After having 4 slices of bacon with breakfast, the vegetarian option sounded good.  And it was.

I stopped by Waterloo.  It was a sedate shadow of what it will be over the next few days with a different band playing in-store every hour (including Cheap Trick Wednesday at 6!).  There were no copies of the weekly Austin Chronicle, and no dailies starting until Wednesday.

I briefly tried to catch up with Bill C. again, but he hopped out of town, exhausted after his daily lectures following minimal sleep.  Will killing time at The Ginger Man, trying two beers (Independence Oatmeal Stout was a delicious desert for my lunch), I pulled a book off the shelf (quoted above).  I read it there and have been continuing it.  Hopefully I can finish and re-shelve it before I leave town.

I headed back to my crash pad and got in some extra rest knowing I’ll need it over the next few days.