Jessica Farrar: Please Say NO to I-10 Feeder

From: Bill Shirley

Dear Mrs. Farrar,

I just became aware of a public meeting this evening in regard to a newly
funded project to add feeder roads to I-10 inside the loop. I can not make
it to the meeting this evening to let you know how much I STRONGLY OPPOSE
this move!

There is NO good reason to expand or create ANY feeder road. I would highly
suggest eliminating some in several locations. If interstates need to be
expanded (which is a dubious claim itself according to many studies) then add
lanes to them. Adding feeders is NOT needed and I believe detrimental.

-Bill Shirley
Registered Voter
Houston 77007

Alicia Nuzzie, District Director
Lillian Ortiz, Chief of Staff

*State Representative Jessica Farrar will host an informational meeting on TXDot´s I-10 Feeder Road Project Wednesday, January 6, 2010 from 6:30-7:30pm at Stevenson Elementary (5410 Cornish St, 77007)