Checkers FS5 Free Pulled From Store

After waiting for Checkers to be pushed into the store from the queue, and watching it’s soft launch this weekend, we noticed some anomalies in the ratings.  We’ve come to have certain expectations of the ratings.

The Checkers FS5 Free was receiving an inordinate number of low ratings.  No comments explaining or support emails about it.  Unfortunately, this is typical of users.  Only one of our team members has a 2.0 device we can use for testing.  He launched it and immediately found the problem.  A slight timing issue with some of Apple’s libraries causes the game to hang when you start to play it.

There are still quite a few 2.x iPod Touches, and they are particular in their game play.  We had to make the decision on whether to pull it or not, it was touch, but that’s what we decided to do.  The simple workaround should be back in the app store queue by the end of the day, but it may be a while before it sees the light of day in the app store.

We’re sorry for the delay, and in the mean time if you want our checkers you’ll have to pay for it.