spell-failIf you’re going to run an ad on Facebook (see screenshot to the right …) you should maybe finish high school, or in lieu of that hire someone who can spell.  “See who searched for your [sic] instantly with mylife!

So, whoever you are, MyLife (I didn’t click through to find out), consider this your gratis copy edit for the day.  I would take payment from you in the form of getting off my Facebook page.

And by-the-way, “who searched for you”?  Is this junior high school?  If someone was searching for me with the intent of contacting me, they already did.  If someone searched for me for any other reason, it’s just another data-point for how bad Reality Television is these days.  (When you have to resort to googling Bill, you have sunk fairly low.)

And apparently the person who’s been searching for you?  Skinny, blond, hangs outside the door smoking next to a trash can.  You really want to know who it is!