Thoughts on the Train

I won’t ever say one city or town is better than another. I enjoy most places. I like to experience life lived differently. Most places i’ve been I’m glad for having been and am happy for the experience.

There are very few places I’d like to call home, and Houston is by far on the top of that short list. I don’t think it’s better than any place else, it’s just my preference.

But staying in one place is stagnating. You should travel when it’s within your means. You should move somewhere else in your youth if you can. Experience different things.

If you do move to some place unfamiliar, you should act like a tourist. I would tell everyone who lives where they have for ever to do the same, but they wouldn’t listen to me.

There are some really cool things to experience 5 miles from your home. There are quite unique things to experience 15 miles away. Have you been there?

Give yourself an hour one-way road trip, I guaranteee there’s something you can do that others in the world can’t. Have you been there?


(written on the City of New Orleans train, drinking Buckbean Black Noddy Lager in a pink Houston Roller Derby coozie)