June 16 Chicago

I slept till almost 9:00a and woke to join Marsha who works at home. I was treated to Dr Pepper on ice (otherwise known as the breakfast of champions) and a variety of Entenmen’s Classic Doughnuts.

I spent the morning catching up from being offline for three days and somehow not having the right OS on my iPod Touch. It’s good to note that I reinstalled, recovered from backup, and all the writing I had done with the WordPress application was still intact.

I also watched the first 20 minutes of the Keynote speech I had missed while in line to get in last week.

Marsha made me a nice salad for lunch while I was having a teleconference with the FlipSide5 crew. The rain I had been draging about the country with me had caught up with Chicago and I stayed in the rest of the afternoon working.

John got home from his commute with a new umbrella and we stayed in for the night. We ordered delivery Chinese/sushi and just spent the evening hanging out at their place.