June 15 Chicago

John K met me at the station. It was quite busy with commuter traffic. We walked a few blocks, salmon like against the afternoon commuters to get to the Brown Line, took it around the loop and met up with the Red Line which we went a little north to the Addison stop near Wrigley Field.

From there it was a moderate walk to John and Marsha’s place. I took a well deserved and needed shower after 3 days on a train, and we went out to dinner at Goose Island Brewery near the ballpark. The quietness in the neighborhood belied what the following night was going to be: the only night game of a three game interleague series between two Chicago teams, the White Sox and the Cubs.

We had tickets for the second game which was in the afternoon, and would be slighty more tame… we hoped.

After dinner we went by Chicago’s Gingerman which was in no way like and is not related to the Houston original or its cousins. One beer was enough to convince me of that, and then we went to Marsh and John’s local: Joe’s.

It was a small dive and we hung with the locals till almost midnight. I had to sample the Hamm’s and the Blatz to complete the regional experience.

A nice walk home to a very welcome air mattress and I was out like a light.