June 7 Back to San Francisco

I got up Sunday morning and it was sunny with blue skies. Chad and Summer drove me to the train station.

Chad explained Reno’s “big dig” – the fight to take the rail line subterranean in downtown. Inside the old station there is an exhibit describing it as well. Residents voted against it, city council did it anyway. They were right.

I picked up the bus extension tickets from Emeryville into San Francisco and back I had booked.

The ride back over the Sierras was a little bit more annoying with the same exact dialog as the first time. I’m not looking forward to the third time.

We arrived in Emeryville almost an hour early. I got on the bus with very apparently clueless tourists. The bus driver proceeded to drive us all over the place after the stop at the ferry building and the Aquarium rather than proceeding to the third stop which was mine. I got off at the last stop which was the general vicinity of my hotel.

I didn’t really know which direction it was in, but guessed well and after a few blocks I was at the Powell Hotel. Bill Dudney, an old friend and coworker and my roommate for the week hadn’t checked in yet, so I called up Mike and Mike (fellow FlipSide5 developers) and went up to their room.

They were “testing” one of our apps over the new Bluetooth protocols (poor performance). They hadn’t RSVPd to the party I was heading to at Jillian’s, so I left them behind.

I checked in at the Moscone West and went across the street to the party. I met a variety of interesting people. Some guys from U of Michigan among them. Then ended up playing pool with two guys from Dublin who had been awake for 23 hours.

Ends up that Damien had been following me on Twitter. We were about to head over to the Thirsty Bear for another gathering and I looked around for Dudney (who was supposed to be there by now) and easily found him and he was planning to head to the Thirsty Bear as well. He had also transferred my bags to our room.

The gathering there was dwindling as everyone was feeling their original time zones weigh on their eye lids.

I got to the hotel around 10:30p. The following morning was WWDC Keynote at 10:00a and the other guys were planning on heading out aroud 4:00a. I planned on sleeping in.