June 6 Reno

On Saturday I woke to the continued cold and rainy Reno.  I found out later it was the longest string of days with rain since 1911.

Chad, Summer, and I went to Virginia City, an old mining town not too far out of town.  We went through windy hills to get there.  There is a main street with most of the activity; we walked up and down it, checking out a few stores.  Chad was bewildered by the water shooting off the roofs.

We took a walking tour of a mine that went out of the back of one of the bars along the main street.  It was interesting to see the technology and walk, stooped over, into the mine.

We didn’t linger too long because we had plans for the evening.  We had dinner with Chad’s dad and step-brother and step-sister through his father’s remarriage.  We ate at Lexie’s in the Sierra Casino.  It was quite good.  I had the seafood capellini which had shrimp, clams, and mussels.

From there we went to the Pioneer Center to see a traveling production of Mamma Mia. It was very enjoyable. I thought it was interesting that the three lead actresses had all played Rizo in Grease productions. Chad was distracted by one of the male leads, no knowing where he recognized him from. It ended up being Electricity commercials.

We headed straight home from the show. I had to get up in the morning and head for the train back to San Francisco, and the World Wide Developer’s Conference.