June 4 Reno

I stayed at my step-sister Katie’s new place. She moved out to Reno in January and purchased a model home from a builder that was looking for some cash flow. It came fully furnished, so everything is quit pristine.

I slept in, then Katie picked me up for lunch, and we met her brother Chad for lunch at Jake’s Place. I had a “wrap”, which was more of a large soft taco.

After lunch I dropped Katie off at her office and used her car to run some errands, particularly I got a few toiletries that I needed and some Dr Pepper.

Only a few hours later Katie came by in Chad’s car, then we picked him up at work and headed for the Nevada Museum of Art. They were having a “first Thursday” happy hour with a live band.

The place was quite crowded and the band was a little to loud for socializing. We made our way up the stairs to the exhibits, and checked out most of the second floor. Chad, who has lived in Reno most of his life, ran into quite a few people he knew.

After the happy hour ended, we walked a block in the light rain to Blue Moon Gourmet Pizza. We met up with Chad’s groomsman (8 years earlier) Scott and his wife Jane. We had some great pizza and Great Basin Ichthyosaurus, a great IPA.

After finnishing the pizza we decided to try out the place next door. The Biggest Little City Club had apparently recently repurposed another bar. It was small, dark, and had a few people of varying stripes in the bar. The first glass of champagne was free for the women. The were playing Breakfast at Tiffanies on a screen that doubled as a translucent window shade.

I introduced the iPhone game Blocked to the group, and some time was spent passing 2 iPhones and an iPod Touch around the table. I think Chad has become adicted. I also got Katie playing Flooded.

Afterward I headed home with Katie and got to bed a bit earlier than the night before.