May 31 Maker Faire

I was up fairly early, adjusting to the timezone still, and having slept on another new bed, this time an air mattress.

I worked on the computer a little, and listened to some podcasts. After a while I joined John, one of his roommates, Rosanna, and her boyfriend Peter, for breakfast. They cooked us a nice breakfast and then we hit the road for San Mateo, venue for the Maker Faire.

By the time we got there, got parked, got a ticket (John had a wrist band and had to work a few hours in the afternoon) and got through the gates it was afternoon. It was a gray foggy day in San Francisco, but by the time we were a little south in San Mateo it was mostly clear and you could tell it was going to be a warm day.

It was definitely not enogh time to absorb all the stuff there. I had a great time checking out the crafts, gadgets, equipment, and fun stuff everywhere.

I stayed after the fair with the Flaming Lotus Girls, who John was working with, as they cleaned up their area and broke down the many propane tanks they had used.

We went across the street (of the back entrance) from the fairgrounds to a pub and stayed long enough to get about the worst service possible.

John and I were giving one of the girls a ride to the BART line so she could get back to the East Bay, and some crazy guy drove past sticking his head out the window and pointing at our truck. Never a good sign.

Indeed, we had a flat that was still leaking its last gasp. We swapped tires with the pathetic donut spare in the back. It wasn’t the same diameter tire, and was problematic. John’s actual car was only a few miles away, he had recently swapped it with his brother’s pick-up. We went there and reswapped.

Of course, we missed a turn because they annouced that Obama was going to announce General Motors was filing bankruptcy in the morning.

We got in the car and made our way back into San Francisco.