May 30 San Francisco

John D picked me up at the Emoryville station. He had been working at his Berkeley studio. We drove by the party in Oakland, but it seemed quiet, so we went instead to a “mixer” of friends in San Francisco. It being Saturday night, it took us a while to find parking.

We spent a little while mingling but we were both tired so we went back to his place on Mission St.

It’s on a corner on the third floor. First floor is a Hispanic church, the second floor is an aerobics excercise studio, and the third, 35 stairs later, is their apartment, which normally has 4 roommates. They’re currently looking for a 4th.

It has one long hallway front to back, 1 1/4 baths, kitchen at one end, living room at the other.

We planed on leaving early the next morning for the Maker Faire, we didn’t quite manage “early”.