May 26 Marfa – Alpine – El Paso

I gathered all my stuff, packing my bag that already seems tighter, and taking a shower at Padre’s. David gave me a ride to Alpine and we grabbed lunch at Talgar’s, just across the tracks from the train station. A nice Azteca Soup and fish tacos.

I hauled my stuff to the waiting room after lunch. David hung out for a little while, then took off on his daily errands. Not too much later cowboy Ty showed up in the waiting room, there to pick someone up. The train rolled into the station just about on time. I was not surprised to see a very attractive girl in cowboy hat hop off the train and greet Ty.

I wasn’t assigned a seat, so I just got on the train and found some empty seats and claimed them. I tried to nap, still being tired. I noticed i still tasted of cigar.

I must have dozed off because it wasn’t long until we were there. Bret and his parents were there to pick me up. Bret on crutched, 5 days post-op from his second hip replacement. He said this one was much smoother than the last. Bret commented that this was the first time he’d met a friend at a train station in the US.

We stopped for a beer at Jaxon’s brew pub, then to Avila’s for a Mexican dinner and home to lounge about.