May 25 Marfa

After I got out of bed it was sometime after noon. I made it down to Padre’s to use their internet and plumbing. David, Doug, and Father Bill were having a meeting. Upon checking my email I realized that I had left my hiking boots at the late-night party the night before. They had all left by noon, but left my boots with local James Scott.

It was about 4pm by the time their meeting was over and David and I walked to a few closed restaurants before going to the Paisano Hotel at Jett’s Grill. We chatted for quite a while with the bartender Carlos, and then were joined by random locals. We retired to the courtyard and chatted there all evening. James showed up carrying my boots.

Jett’s closed up about 10pm, and we joined some others at Cochineal, a very nice restaurant. I had some potato/leek soup and several tastes of deserts that the table ordered: plum pudding, chocolate soufflé. They were very good.

After that David and I went to the closed Padre’s and played shuffleboard for several hours, jamming to the jukebox in the back room. And against better judgement, smoking a cigar. There was also a quite strong storm while we were there. It was fully over by the time we left. The shuffleboard competition was fairly competitive.

We ran into Tina Rose the next morning. She had been in a trailer at El Cosmico (near David’s) with her three fearful dogs. She said the lighting with it was impressive as well.