Hip Number Three

kentuckyclubI’m in Marfa today, and all weekend.  Next week I’ll be visiting my friend Bret Bloomquist in El Paso.  But today he’s having his hip replaced.  Again.

The first time was when he was 30-ish.  The replacements wear out, and it’s time to do it again.  They tell him he’ll be mobile (on crutches) five days later.  Much quicker rebound than last time.

I think Bret’s like a big breed dog, just naturally has hip problems.  That and his very impressive cross country running in his youth did him in.  Or, did his hip in, he’s still going strong and I’m sure he will be even stronger with hip #3.

So, good luck today, Bret.  Take the good drugs, and I’ll see you next week.

I wonder if he’ll be mobile enough for us to visit Juarez’ Kentucky Club?  I’m betting not.