Songs About Travel

“Leaving on a jet plane.  Don’t know when I’ll be back again.”

“I took a trip on a Gimini space craft, and I thought about you.”

padresWell, I’m not leaving on a plane or a space craft, but instead on a rail-guided transportation vehicle. But I will be thinking about you.  My 31-day Amtrak adventure begins tonight.  Tomorrow I will receive a personal transport from Alpine to Marfa and this weekend will enjoy the Grand Opening of Padre’s Marfa.  Bringing frequent live music, into-the-evening dining, and a honky-tonk/dance hall to the Trans Pecos.  All in the body of a repurposed funeral home.

I was out there in September and the roof and the floor were both still works in progress. It’ll be nice to see.

Oh, and name the above artists.