Flip MinoHD

Here’s some test video I shot with my new Flip MinoHD.  It’s my nice bucolic back yard in the Houston Heights: three miles west of downtown Houston, one of the larger cities in the United States.

I did a slight amount of editing with iMovie (not iMovie HD – if anyone knows the difference could you tell me and let me know which one I should be using).

I used the image stabilization in iMovie.  It seems like it gave it a little “shimmer” toward the end.  The hand held was slightly more shaky looking that it ended up after the stabilization.

I exported it in “medium” size (3 of 5 in size, 6MB for 0:31), just because that seemed the most reasonable for a web test (it was still too big for WordPress media editor to want to upload).  So, here it is…

Backyard Flip MinoHD

(maybe i’ll learn how to embed video on my WordPress)