Houston Roller Derby Starts This Weekend

The Houston Roller Derby is starting up their 2009 season this weekend at Kicks Indoor.  The doors will open at 6pm, the bout will start at 7pm this Saturday, and the after party will be at the new venue (we have to break it in right).

Here’s a note from Scarlet O’Hurtya (twitter):

I hope everyone is as excited as all the skaters are! Our season officially kicks off in 4 DAYS!

ScarletOHurtyaDo you have your tickets? Have you invited all of your friends, coworkers, and random people you may run in to? We sure hope so!

$12 Tickets will only be available until this Friday- after that, you’ll have to hope space is left and buy them at the door for $15. Save yourself the $3 and the anxiety by purchasing your tickets in advance and use the leftover cash to buy something at the game (merch, beverage of choice, etc.)…

Oh, and FYI, in addition to music from Beryl Grady, halftime will also feature a corndog eating contest presented by Miramax in promotion of their upcoming release, “Adventureland”.

5 lucky contestants (ideally 1 fan representing each team, 1 Machete Bettie Rec League representative and a 1st time derby attendee) will have 2 minutes to devour as many corndogs as possible. The winner will receive some cool stuff from Miramax and of course the admiration of rollergirls and fellow crowd members alike. I know you’re getting hungry just reading this…

We look forward to seeing everyone at the game! Come early! Bring friends! Bring family! Bring your coworkers! Bring anyone in favor of having a fun time!

Remember, the afterparty will be held at our venue, Kicks indoor (they have a full bar).

Saturday Saturday Saturday!!

Much Love,
-Scarlet O’Hurtya