Palm Pre(mature)

Do you remember when Apple announced its iPhone?  It had to file with the FCC, so it was going to become public 6-months in advance.  They pre-announced to keep control of their message.  They held a lot of cards to their vest, and it wasn’t really clear what functionality was actually available until the summer release.

Do you remember when Palm announced their upcoming Pre?  It was like a hullaballooed product release at CES.  It was so patently obvious (to anyone familiar with the technologies) that their wasn’t a lot of there there.

There was so much overreaching of claims by one major investor (trying to stoke more investment?) that it required an official SEC filing of facts. (source: AppleInsider – in sore need of copy editing, but an excellent article).  They now even claim it won’t be a direct competitor to the iPhone.  So, not good for Internet or games?

Indeed, AppleInsider contends that Palm is precariously positioned, and I wholeheartedly agree.  I think they will need a drastic influx of capital to finish and maintain development of the vapor platform they presented the world.  And this isn’t the most ideal economic environment for that to happen.