Got a Job: FlipSide5

I recently left my internal enterprise programming position at ambulance manufacturer Frazer, located in southwest Houston. I am now currently working with FlipSide5 on iPhone application development. Two of the main guys there are old NeXTstep programmers I worked with at FannieMae in the mid 90s and in a software development tools company, Inline Software, in the late 90s.

They are both based in Northern Virginia. I am, of course, in Houston. Though I will be traveling out there for a week to do some work and reconnect with Mike and Mike. I may be head-down in the code so much that I don’t get to revisit the city of Washington that I lived in for two years. But hopefully I get that chance soon.

And, in honor of a new job making crumbs, I give you They Might Be Giants: