In the Hood

I was out for a bicycle ride in the neighborhood on Saturday. Actually, I was running up to the Credit Union on 19th. It’s always nice to check out what’s going on in the neighborhood.

I went close to Evan and Emily’s place. Just got their birth announcement in the mail, but I decided to not stop by lest they be trying to get some needed sleep.

I rode along some of the under-costruction rail-to-trails bike path along Nicholson. It’s mostly paved from 7th to 19th, the last few blocks haven’t been started. There’s some paint that looks like they may be doing some utility work first. Much of it has been sodded, and there were palettes of more sod along the path.

There was one yard worker parked in the mud that hadn’t been sodded. Big truck, bug trailer. And when I came back, he had left giant ruts in the mud. Moron. I almost said something to him on my way past; I should have.

The cute cottage on 9th and Beverly, that was crushed by a tree during Ike (likely because the McMansion next to it compromised the root structure of the large tree) was demolished and carted off. Likely new construction to begin soon. Expect gaudy.